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11 Salisbury Pavement Dawes Road
Fulham SW6 7HT
Telephone 0207 386 0555


    I FOLLOWED MY beliefs by choosing to open a training studio rather than to just talk about it. Reinforcing an underlying principle that is beyond the form of words using physical exercise as a conduit to change the way you look sound, feel and communicate.
    People have differing needs. I'm not concerned where a person comes from. I’m only concerned with what they can become. I also understand that the motivation to change is not necessarily there in people who need to exercise most. That is why my approach is about realistic and achievable goals with specific principles and processes for a successful outcome.
    The training is the equivalent of a 1-day driving course with an option for further lessons if required.
  • BodyWorks


    THERE'S A CHOICE of doing one or all four of the exercise programs to give you a physical boost and keep you psychologically motivated and committed to your fitness regimen:
    Power Yoga: An athletic yoga routine that consists of 26 movements, based on focus, breath awareness, flexibility and muscle suppleness.
    Core Ball: Strengthens your entire core muscles. The exercises are performed on an unstable surface to constantly challenge the body to find balance using the deep stabilising muscles.
    Rebounder: Quoted by NASA as the most efficient and effective exercise yet devised by man. Rebounding raises and sustains your heart rate and is a great way of toning and strengthening muscles with the help of gravity.
    Aqua Training: Works your major muscle groups and burns fat. It offers you a host of physical and mental health benefits that can help individuals recover from injuries and prevent the likelihood of injuries.

    VIBEPLATE IS THE only vibration technology that’s used by the Great Britain Gymnastics team and endorsed by American medical and sports professionals who integrate it into their training and injury rehabilitation programs.
    Additionally, vibration training is a great Anti-Ageing tool. Scientific research shows that vibration training can help prevent or reduce osteoporosis. Doctors using vibration techniques found that many of their patients, who were previously too tired to exercise, gained the energy to do so regularly.
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    ‘20-21’ IS S.M.A.R.T. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-frame. 20 minutes for 21 days of training to achieve success, but greater still is what it makes of you, will be more important than what you achieve. Focusing on your belief system, setting a clear focus on a measurable target.
    The exercise DVD delivers a wide range of benefits: increased muscle strength, focused mind, breath awareness, forward bend, back bend, being still, lengthening the spine, grounding the feet, stretching the hamstrings and more. It’s an athletic form of yoga that can be modified for any injury or experience level. With regular practice it will transform your outlook on life and yourself.
    A share of proceeds from the book is being donated to Sickle Cell sufferers; a hereditary blood disorder that affects mainly black and Mediterranean people.

    THIS IS THE perfect way to unwind and open your mind and body. Power Yoga is a physical and intellectually stimulating practice with many time-tested health benefits. You will enjoy increased energy and flexibility, improved muscle tone and strength, and reduced levels of stress and tension. Mental and spiritual elements of self are enhanced as well, making yoga one of the most effective and rewarding paths to a healthy and balanced lifestyle. The classes are open to all levels, though if you’ve never tried yoga before you may want to consider a beginners class. Please call or email for class times.